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Countries Offering On Arrival Visa To Kiwis

Countries Offering On Arrival Visa To Kiwi

Dec 13, 2019 / Category : Travel Tips

New Zealanders or Kiwis are funny, down-to-earth and fun-loving people. Also, they are very enthusiastic when it comes to travelling. They love to travel the world and learn about its history, culture, heritage, landscapes and many more. Since New Zealand offers one of the strongest passports in the world, it allows the country’s citizens to have on-arrival visas at various destinations in the world and explore those amazing countries. New Zealand passport holders are fortunate enough to visit approximately 50 countries without applying for a visa beforehand.

This blog is intended to inform you of the 12 best Countries offering on-arrival visa for Kiwis.

1. Ethiopia :It is counted as one of the most visited and adventurous destinations in Africa.Here, tourists can experience it’s incredible culture and can learn the history of Islam and Christianity.From traditional food cuisines to breath-taking views, from incredibly safe tourism to crazy hiking opportunities, this country has got you covered. Kiwis can get visa on arrival and travel to exotic Ethiopia for 30 to 90 days, hassle-free.

2. Madagascar : Luckily, there is one more East African country, Madagascar, allowing Kiwis to obtain their visa-on-arrival and stay either for 30, 60 or 90 days. Madagascar is spectacularly unlike any other part of the continent. It’s the fourth largest Island that offers incredible biodiversity, fiery sunsets to ease your soul and a unique stone forest that can’t be found anywhere else on the globe.Tourists who are interested to know about Malagasy culture can visit Antananarivo, the captital city of Madagascar to experience it.

3. Egypt : Kiwis can add Egypt to their travel bucket list and pay a visit to the country for 30 days by obtaining a visa-on-arrival. Undoubtedly, Egypt is extremely famous for the grand old pyramids, which are unique in the whole planet. Kiwis can travel to Egypt not just to experience spectacular pyramids, but also to explore the country’s ancient temples, Egyptian cuisines and sun-soaked beaches.

4. Malawi : For 30 to 90 days, Kiwis are welcomed in Malawai with the facility of on-arrival visa. There is a plethora of reasons to travel to Malawi, from geographical diversity to welcoming culture and it is also a host to Africa’s largest lake. This country can surprise you with never-ending adventures and eye-gauging wild-life reserves.

5. Mozambique : One of the famous destinations in South Africa, Mozambique offers the ultimate castaway experiences. This country looks like a paradise, serving white sand beaches, swaying palms and clear blue water. So, Kiwis, get ready to obtain visa-on-arrival and swing in the breeze of Mozambique, enjoying fascinating diving experiences, snorkelling, food and delve into the history of gold, slaves and pirates. 

6. Bangladesh : Greenest jewel on Earth, Bangladesh welcomes New Zealand citizens to visit their country with visa-on-arrival facility for 30 days. If you are a travel enthusiast, then Bangladesh will not disappoint you with its rich culture and soothing rivers. 

7. Sri Lanka : Kiwis can also plan a visit to Sri Lanka and have thrilling experiences of natural serenity. Beautiful sites and scenes, mighty elephants’ journey, golden beaches and amazing tea gardens are worth the visit. Kiwis can obtain a visa on arrival and stay in this picturesque country for thirty days. 

8. Cambodia : Amazing landscape, plenty of history and comforting culture make Cambodia the perfect travel destination. Easy visa upon arrival for a month is available for all New Zealand passport holders to experience this enchanting country in South Asia. Believe it or not, this country has a lot of things to offer like remote islands, wonderful wildlife, jolly faces and flavoured gourmets. Spend 30 days of your life here to have a life-time experience and create cheerful memories. 

9. United Arab Emirate : UAE offers visa on landing for a month without costing anything for Kiwis. Talking about UAE, there is no shortage of reasons to give for your next holiday. Tallest buildings, luxurious stays and blend of modernity, traditionality and novelty welcome you to explore this small country and have a scintillating experience. 

10. Bahrain : Bahrain promises to offer the best vacation time and exhilarating places to discover for tourists. New Zealand citizens can be bestowed with the on-arrival-visa option to travel the country for ninety days. This place has witnessed an increase in their tourism due to a variety of pearls, food fiesta, Islamic culture and warm welcoming locals. Plan your next vacation in Bahrain and have a wonderful life-time experience.

11. Paraguay : South American country Paraguay has several things to offer to make your journey worthy and happy. It has a splendid culture that is very authentic in its own way. Kiwis can opt for a visa upon arrival at pocket-friendly prices and discover many unique and spectacular things like national parks, elusive creatures and traditional markets. 

12. Zimbabwe : This is one of its kind places on the planet that brings some exquisite wildlife diversities, quality accomadations and locals hospitality to the table. On-arrival visa is available for Kiwis to discover the country and enjoy its rich culture and heritage. As far as the tourists’ safety is concerned, this place won’t disappoint. Any plans for travelling to East Africa should include this country and it’ll be an icing on the cake. 

In a nutshell, the aforementioned countries are worth the visit to spend lavish and relaxing holidays. Booking cheap flights has become so easy that New Zealand passport holders can quickly book flights online and get the visa after arrival at any of these destinations. There are several travel sites that help customers to book online air tickets and travel the world hassle-free.

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