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Jan 09, 2020 / Category : destination

Explore more, hop onto a ferry to flee from Bali to East Java. Another unexplored place in Indonesia, East Java is a wild region of raw, rugged volcanoes and breathtaking landscapes. An amazing fact about East Java,  it has 121 volcanoes, forming magnificent landscapes molded by these fire mountains.
Travelers can flock to step into a variety of attractions, starting from ancient temple sites to stunning beaches for surfing, incredible wildlife reserves and much more. Just like any other place, it's confusing to pick which way to go. From awe-inspiring mountains and wildlife natural reserves to culture and history, explore the unexplored East Java with the list below.

Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park

A national park named after its two mountains: Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo, is known for its sunrise and is the most attractive tourist place. 
While climbing up to the top of the Bromo mountain, you will see Mount Semeru emitting smoke in the distance. If you visit in the month of September or November, you might attend the Kasada festival. During this annual festival, local Tenggerese climb to Bromo to heave offerings of vegetables, chickens, and money into the abyss of the volcano.
Coming to Mount Semeru, one of the most active volcanoes and is known as the Great Mountain. The smoke and lava make Semeru treacherous, so it often remains closed. Of all the java mountains, Semeru is regarded as a sacred mountain by Hindus. Apart from these mountains, you will experience Tengger Caldera in the national park. Tengger Caldera has a 10km sea of sand with an upland plateau and several small scenic lakes.

Ijen Crater

A place to encounter an eerie blue flame. Ijen plateau and the Ijen Crater wouldn't fail to impress you with its picturesque beauty. Ijen plateau, a place highly recommended to mountain admirer and hikers. On reaching Ijen Crater you will run into eye-catching aqua blue water steams and bubbles, ringed by yellow sulfur crystal deposits. Become the adventurous traveler and head up before sunrise to experience one of the great natural wonders, the blue fire. Mostly, sulfur collectors hike up to Ijen Crater to dig up pure sulfur.

Malang - Second largest city of East Java

A place to unwind and relax, one of the most attractive tourist places. Leafy avenues, cooler weather and easy on pockets make Malang the ideal base for a memorable experience. To explore fascinating things at Malang, experience the culture with Bali Kota, Kampong Warna Warni and Alun Alun Malang.

Jodipan Village - Blue Village

The story behind will definitely make you visit this colorful village. This village was taken under the social responsibility project by eight students from a nearby university, to transform the run-down city into a bright and colorful village. Applying their knowledge in a real-world situation, they partnered with a local company and donated 6000 pounds of colorful paint. So, the colors you see on visiting this village, those are the colors of a bright future. You can delve into the village’s life and enjoy drinks, lunch with the locals. Walk onto the bridge to watch a colorful village on one side and entirely blue village on the other. 

Coban Talun Waterfall

Watch the water trickling down the waves. Visit Coban Talun waterfall during the rainy season for huge water flow. How soothing it would be to wake up to the waterfall? Camping ground near the beautiful waterfall gives a fascinating camping experience to the travelers and specialized photography area. Revel in the beauty and walk along a sandy trail to reach the waterfall, viewpoints, and caves. Trip to the inside caves behind the waterfall for enormous adventure.

Coban Sewu Waterfall

To feel the warmth of the rising sun in a different way, be at the Tumpak Sewu viewpoint. With the mystical atmosphere and fog, the sun rising behind the Semeru Volcano will lay light on waterfall slowly giving out a unique experience. The top view of the waterfall can be imagined into a figure of the tree of life while from the ground level it can be simply mind-blowing, emitting immense power from all the sides. To witness the abyss of the waterfall, walk through the trail of bamboo ladders and small streams. Sit back and feel the magic of canyon.

Goa Tetes Waterfall

Stop next to Goa Tetes waterfall on your way back from Coban Sewu for undiscovered caves inside the waterfall. Caves and waterfall together form an incredible nature occurrence to endure. You will experience a collection of caves and waterfalls all the way up the cliff. Set foot in the darkness with a waterfall pouring down over the top and travel the caves.

Kabut Pelangi waterfall

A place where waterfall turns into rainbow mist. What makes this waterfall separate from others is the force it generates when it hits the canyon below, covered in lush green plants. If you catch the right conditions you might catch sight of a rainbow in the mist at the ground level of the waterfall.

Papuma beach

Take on a voyage in crystal clear blue water. A beach where white sand meets the clear blue water, we mostly see in pictures. Hang out and relax under the sun with refreshing blue water. 

Pulau Merah 

Famous with the name of the red island among the travelers. A tourist spot for sunset in all of East Java. A huge rocky island out in the ocean makes it different from other beaches. Sit down to watch the sun go down while your feet feel the warmth from the water.

Jawata Benculuk

Walk down the trail of tree tunnels and experience the most unique collection of Cypress trees. Sneak out of Genteng town and move in a moody fog of tree tunnels. With the sun shining through the forest you will brush with a breathtaking view of sunlight passing through the fog laid on trees.

East Java has it all, from volcanic mountains to red island, blue fire and much more. With so many spectacular viewpoints and adventures, yanking some days from your Bali trip and heading to East Java is worth taking a chance. Hike to the smoking mountain or wake up to the waterfall, unquestionably it will be what you call relaxation. 

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