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Long Haul Flight

How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

Jul 05, 2022 / Category : Travel Tips

There is always a different level of excitement when you have a flight to catch. Also, if it is for a vacation then there is nothing better in the world. The planning, preparation, rushing to the airport, and waiting for the boarding to start, all is an adventure. As the plane moves on the runway and starts to lift off, you feel that tingling in your nerves. However, flights are not always fun, especially when it is a long-haul flight.

It is easy to make travel plans for faraway destinations in the world. Unfortunately, once you realize the number of flight hours required to reach the destination, it can be daunting.

The question ‘how long to fly around the world?, becomes important when you are travelling back from Perth to London. There are several long-haul flight routes with the longest flight time ranging from 16 hours to 20 hours.

Don’t worry, we have secret tips to help you survive long flights so that you can have the best trip.

Check out the below tips for long flights and you may enjoy it.

  • Choose the right airline: This is the most important step as your choice determines how the 24-hour flight experience will be. Study the route you are travelling and find out the best airline for that journey. The choice may also depend on whether you want to fly economy, business, or first class. Additionally, the airline must have exceptional in-flight service. In case of any delays or disruptions, this decision can be a life saver.

  • Choose your seat in advance: The second most important, of the long-haul flight tips, is to choose the most comfortable seat possible. There are a few things to keep in mind while doing this. Firstly, aisle seats are always more comfortable as you have a little more space. Also, trips to the restroom are not awkward and you can go when you like. It is always convenient to stand up to stretch if you feel uncomfortable. Secondly, if you can get the exit row seats then you solve your space problem. But be ready to shell some extra bucks for those. Lastly, never pick the last row seats as they do not recline and you will be in an uncomfortable position. Although, if you can afford business or first class, there is very little chance you’ll go wrong.

  • Plan the layovers: Once you have finalized the flight, next thing is to plan your layovers. A long-distance flight usually has layovers. It is so exhausting to wait at an airport if you do not have lounge access. But, the layovers can be an opportunity to recharge and prepare for the remaining part of the travel. Try to arrange for business lounge access at the airport. You can grab a quick bite and relax on the comfortable lounge beds. Also, you can charge your devices while you enjoy a drink.

  • Pack essentials in carry-on luggage: While on the flight, all you will have access to is your carry-on luggage. It is recommended to only carry essentials and keep your carry-on light. Some important things you must remember are a phone charge, noise-cancelling headphones, an iPad, and a portable charger. You can download movies, books, or shows on your device of choice and enjoy them on the flight. Do not rely on in-flight entertainment as you will soon run out of things to do on a long flight. You can pack basic toiletries or check with the airlines as most long-haul airlines provide them.

  • Dress comfortably: One thing you can do wrong is to wear something uncomfortable on your flight. It will make you miserable and trust us there is no solution. Go for casual-fitting pants or joggers and a T-shirt or sports bra. It may be a good idea to wear a jogger with lots of pockets. You won’t have to keep opening your bag for small things. Also, dress up in layers as the cabin temperature can fluctuate and the weather can be different at your destination. Also, remember to carry your glasses if you wear them.

  • Bring a water bottle: Have you ever waited on a flight for a cup of water? It is unrealistic to hope that the flight attendants fetch you water every time you feel thirsty. Sometimes food is being served and many times they are occupied with multiple things. So, bring a bottle for your convenience and the flight attendant just needs to fill it once or twice. Plus, you skip using a lot of plastic cups. Additionally, limit your caffeine intake on board as it dehydrates you and will make you feel thirsty soon.

  • Sleep during the flight: You may wonder what pilots do on long flights. Well, to answer simply, they sleep. Don’t worry as planes these days fly on autopilot during most of the journey. The easiest way to pass time, when you have the longest flight time in the world, is to sleep. Be prepared with an eye mask, earplugs, and a travel pillow to ensure a comfortable sleep. A good quality travel pillow will help keep your neck in the right posture while you sleep. Earplugs will keep unwanted noise on the plane away. The eye mask will help you cope with that annoying passenger who constantly wants to look out the window.

We hope that you are no longer scared of how long a plane fly can. You have all the information about what to do on a long flight and how to survive a long trip.

All these long-haul flight tips will come in handy for your next vacation so remember them. If you are looking to book your next vacation then a travel company can curate the perfect holiday for you. Get in touch with a travel company to make the best out of your travel plans and within your budget. You just travel in style and comfort, leaving the rest to the travel company.

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