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Most scenic places to visit in India

Jan 10, 2020 / Category : destination

Sink in the vast culture of Incredible India

Traveling to a new country is exciting as well as challenging. With the slogan ‘Atithi Devo bhava,’ India will always welcome you with open arms. Explore India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India is diverse and a unique amalgam of enormous culture. Known for its vast culture, India covers places from desserts such as the Thar Desert in the west to hill stations in the North-East and a lot more. With such a diverse geography, it's tough to step a foot on each place. Embrace a unique experience of diverse languages and culture by adding the below places on your next trip to India.


Start your journey with a place like Kashmir, often called heaven on earth. With so many admirers of this paradise, you can uncover nature’s secret from beautiful landscapes to the river.

Gurez Valley - Spring into the pleasant experience of this valley ranging from surreal landscapes, refreshing air, and the sound of rushing water.

Gulmarg - A picturesque place surrounded by snow-clad pine trees, it's worth visiting and praising such a serene spot, popular for adventure sports like skiing. 

Dal Lake - The embodiment of perfection and serenity perceived as the jewel in the crown of Kashmir, a must-visit place to embrace its beauty.


A dream place of every biker, surrounded by the Himalayan mountain range leaving tourists dumbstruck. Home to the Buddhist monastery, it’s a land with immense attractions and marvelous landscapes with Tibetan culture.

Pangong Tsa - The spellbinding sights of blues and browns to eye witness varying hues of the lake. This freezing saline lake bolstered by magnificent mountains is the paradigms of the grandeur of Himalaya.

Stok Kangri - Climb up the steep Stok kangri peak, the highest peak among Stok ranges enriched with thrill and stunning view.

Nubra Valley - The picturesque and spectacular view of the unexplored range of valley with sand dunes, monasteries makes it an exceptional place to visit.


India’s valley of flowers and often considered as the land of gods. Untouched natural beauty and home to pilgrimages. It will embrace you in the calm, cool breeze with sights of ancient temples, forest reserves, hill stations, national parks, mountain peaks.

Nanda Devi - The second highest peak in the world, encompassed by Nanda Devi National Park with a bizarre mix of flora and fauna where you can meet some exquisite fauna.

Munsiyari -  A place of a grassy slope, often considered as little Kashmir for its astonishing view of snow-capped higher mountain ranges. Panchachuli is a club of five peaks and is a sightseer at Munsiyari.

Chopta - An undiscovered place to endure a captivating beauty of the Himalayas, thick forest trails, and it will fascinate you with meadows, snowy backdrops, and towering trees.

Himachal Pradesh

A land of divine and enormous serenity, enriched with lakes, mountains, and ancient temples. A paradise on earth to unite peace with your holiday and fascinate you with its beauty.

Spiti Valley - A vista is famous for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. It offers trekking in an untamed paradise for adventure lovers with a memorable glimpse of cold desert and snow-crowned mountains. 

Khajjiar - India’s mini version of Switzerland, to embrace the blessing of green meadows and forests, the place is perfect for its scenic and beautiful landscape.

Dalhousie - A fairy tale that came true, this town is so captivating and charming that visiting this place will make you fall in love with its natural grassy landscape.


The smiling soul of India, Punjab is the land of Rivers, and the state of agriculture, that serves every Indian. The Ravi, Beas, Sutlej, Chenab, and Jhelum, the five rivers irrigate the farm and land. Unwinding different stories and hidden beauty with traditional cuisine, ancient civilization, spirituality, and history, Punjab is a fascination in itself.


To dwell on the history, culture, and tradition, Punjab will welcome you in its iconic city, Amritsar. Home to magnificent Golden Temple and well-known Jallianwala Bagh. This city is the heroic character of Punjab, with great stories from history. 


The capital of India, holding the country’s pride. The city where a traveler comes with one bag and returns with more than just one, be it local shopping or bag of memories. To descend into the history, you can explore historical monuments, such as the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Humayun's Tomb and Purana Qila. The city is famous for its local street food, which will make your mouth go watery, and to taste the best authentic food, you wouldn't miss visiting Delhi's heart - Chandni Chowk. You can stroll through central Delhi from Rashtrapati Bhawan to India Gate to take a glimpse of India’s political power. The only city in India with an extensive modern metro network making it easy for travelers to roam around the city.


Land of the kings, a place with historic significance and strong meld of culture, music, cuisine, etc. The marvelous palaces and traditionality of this place will make it an idea lovable vacation spot.

Jaisalmer - The golden city of Rajasthan surrounded by a very famous Thar desert, the reason for its golden hue.

Udaipur - The crystal blue water lake, Lake Pichola reflects every whit of light that befalls on it. The city will hold you with palaces, temples, and ghats.

Jawai - Land of leopard, a place for camping for an exotic and adventurous experience. Camping in luxurious tents, rustic lamps with traditional cuisine will make it an authentic visit.


The land of legends, and sole home to Asiatic lions where another Indian culture endures. Along with the picturesque landscapes, it offers a perfect blend of art, history, music, and culture through ancient cave paintings, holy temples, historic capitals, wildlife sanctuaries, and fascinating handicrafts.

Rann of kutch - India’s white desert, witness the surreal white hues of desert sand during summer with the landscape resembling the shape of a tortoise.


The proud capital of Maharashtra, ‘Aamchi Mumbai’. The city of dreamers that never sleeps and home of Bollywood stars, hence the name, the film city. With so many city chaos and struggle, all you will see is the spirit of Mumbaikars. This city will have brags of stories from different walks of human endurance. Embrace and walk into its art, culture, music, dance, and theatre.


The silicon valley of India cherished for its pleasant weather, beautiful parks and lakes all around the town. The hub of numerous craft breweries, brunches, buffets, rooftop cafes, late-night meals, Bangalore has it all. You can wander through the greenery of Cubbon Park or botanical garden, Lalbagh and unveil the other name of this capital,  'Garden City'. Taste the history with Bangalore palace or animal love with National park this city offers you more than just IT companies.


Capital of Tamil Nadu, a perfect amalgam of cultural history and metropolis lifestyle, engross yourself in its immense tradition. Center to the second largest beach in the world, this city offers you south-Indian culture temples,  British-era museums, monuments, glorious beaches, and delicious cuisine.

Apart from the above places, read further to know about offbeat places from different states of India.

Hampi, Karnataka - The heritage site of ancient temples and palaces with the boulderstone landscape, to an eye-witness, the scenes from the epic Ramayana, visit beautiful Hazara Rama temple. 

Damro, Arunachal Pradesh - The longest hanging bridge of India. Damro enchantments with thatched bamboo houses and scenes of harvested crops, a vast range of meadows and grasslands.

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya - Asia’s cleanest village, this serene village is the representation of harmony and cleanliness with maintained roads, colored streets, clean houses, and polished front-yards.

Loktak Lake, Manipur -  An ancient lake with the largest freshwater and the source of water. The floating phumdis makes it the only floating lake in the world.

Chembra Lake, Western Ghats - The natural lake with the eye-catching shape of a heart and no sign of exsiccation in the heights of Wayanad range in the Western Ghats. 

The list of places is never-ending, to bathe under the sun, you can always visit spectacular beaches of Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep, Gokarna, and many more. With numerous places, picking up top sights in no easy task, so plan your itinerary and pen down the names of regions. Travel to Incredible India and each state of India promises you a different cultural and historical experiences.

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