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Wellington visit

Top Sights in Wellington Places to Visit Things to do Around

Jun 24, 2022 / Category : destination

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand is the coolest place to visit and spend adventurous holiday time. From the top-hill views to learning the epic stories of NZ and gazing wild-life, Wellington has so much to offer.

Apart from these wonderful experiences, there are a plethora of activities and Wellington places to visit, which cannot be missed. We are here to ease your Kiwi travel plans by bringing the best Wellington tourist attractions. If you are here for some days, you can cover many Wellington tourist spots mentioned in this blog.

Without any doubt, this place is worth visiting, so get your budget-friendly travel plan handy and enjoy the best trip. We have tried our best to share some best places to visit in Wellington and things to do as well.

Let’s get started with the impeccable locations to visit in Wellington.

  • Wellington Botanic Garden: Who doesn’t love to visit and admire the gorgeous beauty of gardens. A famous and widely loved Wellington sightseeing spot is its Botanic Garden. The charmingly beautiful place offers a diverse range of flora and fauna. Tourists love to stroll around its mesmerizing and awakening walking trails that are close to nature. You can never feel blues in the green-lush garden and have an amazing time at Lady Norwood Rose Garden. Later, you can enjoy the planetarium show at Carter Observatory and end your stunning and pleasant evening.

  • Museum of Wellington: Museum is the most informative place to gain knowledge about a new place. One of the treasured places to go in Wellington is the Museum of Wellington. Te Papa: Locals call this place by this name. In this exhibit, you can learn about the culture, arts, and treasures of the Maori people. Since this community is the first one that settled here, it would be very apt to know about them.

Mount Victoria Lookout: When in Wellington, it’s imperative to not miss the panoramic high-hill view from the Mount Victoria lookout. When you reach the top, you may experience an adrenaline rush from the views of the wharf and the city. You can also drive a car to the top, but with a little workout, seeing the viewpoint would be out of the world. Locals say seeing views of South Island, Bay, and sea from the top can make your heart skip a beat. Make sure you do not miss this spectacle while visiting places in Willington.

As you have gained some knowledge about places to explore in Wellington. We will give you some information about things to see in Wellington. If you admire theatres and ballet, Wellington is a place that can be fulfilling for the art lover in you.

  • Cinderella: One of the most incredible art performances takes place in the Wellington region. St James Theater, Wellington brings the beauty of the popular Ballet show of Cinderella to the audience. The ballet act is scheduled on dates and timings, so you can book the show according to your availability. The show is magically choreographed by master storyteller Loughlan Prior containing feisty, funny, and fabulous acts. Book your tickets and enjoy the timely twist on the classic tale.

  • Tutus on tour: Another mind-blowing thing to see in Wellington is the show of Tutus on Tour, bringing the summer sunshine to the stage. Look out for timings and dates to watch the performances of incredible and talented artists in The Opera House. Patricia Barker, the supreme director of this show, brings the unseen dance performances of the year to the audience. This program is suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed by most. As it is one of the prominent shows in Wellington, it gets sold out quickly. So, it’s advisable to book fast to avoid any disappointments later.

Apart from places to go to Wellington, there are plenty of things to do in the capital as well. We have gathered a few suggestions below for must-do activities while vacationing in Wellington.

  • Ride Wellington cable car: Well, without much convincing, riding in the wellington cable car is the best thing to do in Wellington. Hop in the red cable car and enjoy the ride from Lambton Quay shopping district to the lookout for panoramic views.

  • Find your Coffee: Huge coffee-lovers, this is your cue to get your love for coffee satiated. When in Wellington, it means you are in the top 8 coffee cities in the world. Don’t wait for longer, get your coffee fixed with the best brews and beans. Visit some chic coffee cafés and a Flight Coffee’s The Hangar is a perfect start to be. Satiate your taste and get some along with you as well. You can try butter-soaked croissants and lip-smashing cakes while savouring the best beans in the world.

  • Wine-yard tripping: Vacation couldn’t be a vacation without winery hoping. For wine-lovers, you cannot miss this place, which is just a short trip over the hill. Wairarapa is a region filled with wineries and is popularly recognized for its pinot noirs. It is advisable to rent a car or take the train to make the most of your journey to Wairarapa. Also, you can plan an overnight stay as well in the small town called Martinborough. This town is gorgeously surrounded by wineries that will add charm to your wine-yard trip.

  • Cardio with street shopping: No wonder, every holiday is incomplete without shopping. For all the shopaholics, you cannot miss the fashionable yet affordable shopping street of Wellington. Get some pictures around the famous bucket fountain and explore the bohemian vibe around the whole street. Cuba Street could be your location to feel a whole different vibe with live music, bustling streets, and fun-filled cafes.

With the aforementioned list of places and activities, you can make your trip to Wellington successful and memorable. Wellington visiting places are waiting for you to explore their beauty and cherish them forever. For all your travel needs, like flights, visas, hotel, or sightseeing, it’s good to connect with a travel company.

These companies are masters in delivering the best and most affordable travel plans hassle-free. With the help of a reputed and loyal travel company, you can make the most of your trip experience. You can connect with them for the Kiwi travel itinerary and get it customized according to your liking and budget. Moreover, leave all the travel hassles to them and you simply enjoy your vacation.

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