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Don’t have a Gem Visa Card Yet ? Click here to apply and avail the benefits. Call us to know more.


*Terms and Conditions
  • Available on a minimum purchase of $250.
  • A Mann Travel fee of 1% is applicable.
  • A $55 establishment fee, a $52 annual Gem Visa fee and a $50 Gem CreditLine annual fee apply as part of the normal credit & lending criteria.
  • The full payable amount for your purchase will be deferred for a period of 9 months. During this stated period, nominal monthly payments are to be made and no interest will apply.
  • Failure to pay the full outstanding balance at the end of the deferment period will result in an interest that will be incurred and displayed on the monthly statements.
  • Pertinent interest rate (Gem Visa 25.99p.a./ Gem CreditLine 29.95% at present) applies to outstanding payments at the expiry of the interest-free tenure. Gem Visa/ Gem CreditLine is supplied by Latitude Financial Services Limited.

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