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Bush Capital of Oz

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About Canberra

What do you expect from the capital city of a continent country? State of the art architecture, gleaming nightlife and calendar full of cultural events, but that is not enough when we talk about Canberra. The city is called Bush Capital for its parks and open spaces all around its limits. As the famous essayist, Agnes Repplier said, "The impulse of travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life" if you have lost all hopes of adventure from your routine life then book a cheap flight to Canberra to be a little more optimistic about life.

Interesting Facts About Canberra

  • Canberra means the meeting place; the city lies between two mountains, i.e. Black Mountain and Mt. Ainslie.
  • Canberra is a planned city; American architects designed it way back in the 20th century.
  • There is a ban on Advertising billboards along the roadside in Canberra.
  • The city got its nickname Bush capital because it has a lot of vegetation in and around the city.
  • Over 70% of Canberra is open space.

What to see in Canberra

Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin is a human-made lake at the center of Canberra. The planners built all the famous buildings of the capital city on the shore of this lake. There are a lot of recreational areas surrounding the lake, such as parks with free barbecue facility, swimming areas, picnic tables, etc. There is a myriad of water sports facilities available here including Paddle Boating, Sailing, Windsurfing, Dragon Boating and Canoeing.


Questacon is a Center for Science and Technology at the southern shore of Lake Burley Griffin. Here, science comes out of the boring textbook, and you can feel it and not just read it. In some of the experiment, you can experience an earthquake, freeze your shadow, feel the power of gravity in a free-fall from a slide or challenge a robot in an air hockey game. The makers designed this place for visitors of all ages, so don’t think science is for school kids only.

Mount Ainslie

Mount Ainslie is a hill lies in the northeastern suburbs of Canberra. This place provides a perfect opportunity for adventure enthusiasts. Visitors can hike up to the top through various tracks including an equestrian trail. The top of the hill gives a panoramic view of the capital city. Watching a sunset from this point will become the most memorable part of your tour.

National Dinosaur Museum

Even if you are not interested in the science of evolution, this Museum will give you thrills of Jurassic Park. Situated at Golden Creek Village in Canberra, The National Dinosaur Museum is the biggest permanent demonstration of Prehistoric life in the Continent country. There are robotic Dinosaurs that will provide a glimpse of these prehistoric creatures.

Big Splash Waterpark

Yeah, you must have been to water parks earlier, but this water park has incredible rides for kids and adults like twister and speed coaster. It has pools for kids, a splash island for teenagers and family slides. This place has rides designed for people of all ages.

Casino Canberra

Casino Canberra serves visitors with its gaming, dining, and entertainment. You can enjoy poker and Baccarat tournament and if you are skilled enough, then try your luck on any of the 39 gaming tables of this casino on the card games of Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. The Casino has a state of the art restaurant called Natural 9, which serves delicacies like Citrus Cured Salmon, Celeriac Tortellini, Deep Fried Shrimp and Saltgrass lamb rump.

National Convention Center

National Convention Center is the largest facility built for the events, concerts, trade fairs and cultural evenings. During your visit, don’t forget to check the events happening here, you might get lucky to be an audience in a concert or a musical evening.

Canberra Glassworks

Canberra Glassworks is a facility dedicated to the art of glassworks in Canberra. You can take a tour to see the work of professional glass artist and also learn to make small glass items, like a paperweight. You can also watch glasswork exhibitions of various artists from all around the globe.

National Zoo and Aquarium

Canberra Zoo is a place to see the native and exotic species of water and land animals. With a glass wall between, you can go close to the wild animals like Lion and Tiger. Kids can feed animals like Giraffe, Emu, and Red Panda. The most dangerous water animals like sharks are kept in the salt-water aquarium of the zoo.

Commonwealth Park

Walking in the tranquility of a lake park is the best way to end an adventurous yet tiring city tour. The Commonwealth Park lies to the north of Lake Burley Griffin and provides an excellent opportunity to appreciate the splendor of nature. The park has walking trails, cycle paths, small ponds, and sculptures.

Lip smacking cuisine of Canberra

When it comes to food, Canberra defines the tag of being a Cosmopolitan. You can find Italian, Thai, French, Continental and Indian food in the restaurants and food joints of Canberra. Your search for authentic Australian food will end up on Kangaroo Steak, Fish ‘n’ Chips, Barbecued snags, etc., and if you have a compulsive sweet tooth, then Pavlova and Lamington will come to your rescue in Canberra.

How to get around in Canberra

Bus services are the best way to move in and around the Canberra city. Almost all the tourist destinations can be reached by bus in the city. You can use MyWay Card to avoid buying tickets in city buses. For a local tour of the city, you can hire a vehicle or a taxi. A bicycle tour will give you a lungful of fresh air.

Where to shop in Canberra

You can have a boutique shopping experience at Manuka and Kingston suburbs of Canberra. You can also visit Braddon, an inner city suburb and visit the Lonsdale and Mort streets to buy some trendy fashion, handicrafts, and homewares. Shop handmade, a shop at City Walk Boulevard in Canberra, where you can buy handcrafted items and stylish Canberra Souvenirs.

Excitement is bound to rise after reading about the city of Canberra. So, take out the calendar, find the long vacations and book a discounted flight to Canberra to enjoy the food, culture, and nightlife of the ‘Bush Capital.’

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