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City of Lights

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About Karachi

Singing a song of honor, beauty, and abundance, Karachi encourages tourism worldwide. Nicknamed as 'City of lights', it's a destination that represents a true mega-culture. Being an economic backbone of Pakistan, this enchanting landscape is widely proclaimed for its major financial center and seaport. Karachi, a beautiful mirage of luxury lets travelers embrace a new life. Encompassing majestic mountains, historic mosques, and overstretched infrastructure, Karachi is Pakistan's crown. The diversified beauty of the destination screams world domination and its evergreen horizons blow away the cobwebs. Book cheap flight tickets to Karachi and fly to a placid destination that's worth giving a shot.

Interesting Facts About Karachi

  • Margaret Lockwood, the British actress was born in Karachi.
  • Sugarcane juice is the national drink in Karachi.
  • The currency here is rupee. A rupee consists of 100 paise.
  • The moderate climate of Karachi made it a summer resort for Sindh.
  • Karachi started as a small fishing village named as Mai Kolachi.

What to see in Karachi

Quaid-i-Azam Mausoleum

This exclusively designed mausoleum belongs to Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Pakistan’s founder. Sitting at the top of a stepped pyramid, this glorious monument was built in 1958-68. Designed in Turkish style, this white marble structure stands as a true epitome of historic glory.

Mohatta Palace

Mohatta Palace, another abode of Jinnah's sister Fatima is a fine British Raj building that features detailed artistic heritage. The structure enjoyed a new life after a restoration in 1999. Take a stroll around its gardens to get some relief from the crowded streets of Karachi.

Flag Staff House

It’s a British Raj Mansion that was once owned by Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Also widely termed as Quaid-i-Azam House, the structure was built around 100 years ago. It’s a major attraction of the destination that you cannot afford to miss.

Arabian Sea Country Club

Want to pamper your soul and indulge in the adventure? If yes, then the Arabian Sea Country Club cannot be missed at all. It’s a recreational club that houses a steam bath, golf courses, and a fitness center. While here, do not afford to miss the international standard cricket ground.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Karachi well served the British spiritual needs. Featuring fine examples of British Raj architecture, the cathedral invokes spiritualism. Also, there're alluring plagues that were built in memory of the British soldiers.

Churna Island

Nestled in close vicinity to Mabarak Goth, Churna Island satiates all adventure enthusiasts. A beautiful hotspot of the destination, it’s here where one can fulfill their dream of participating in several activities such as underwater photography, free diving, scuba diving, jet skiing, knee boarding and lot more.

Pakistan Air Force Museum

Housing impressive aircrafts, weapons, and radar, it’s just another museum in Karachi. Built in 1990, the attraction also delights visitors with fighter aircrafts and several scale models of WWII and WWI. The museum is open for tourists between 8.30 am to 10.00 pm.

Ziarat of Abdullah Shah Gazi

Want to participate in the melodious aura of Qawwali? If you say yes, the Ziarat of Abdullah Shah Gazi is a perfect destination for you. Sitting on a hill, high above the Clifton Beach, it’s a famous green-domed shrine devoted to the Sufi of the 9th century. There's a freshwater spring that is known for its strange healing qualities.

Karachi Zoo

A paradise for wildlife lovers, it's here where travelers can sneak peek into the life of some endangered species. Also known as Karachi Zoological Zoo, it was established in 1878. In the zoo, capture the sights of attractions such as Reptile House, Natural History Museum, Elephant House, Karachi Municipal Aquarium, Veterinary Hospital, and Mughal Garden.


When we talk of beaches, the first thing that lingers in our mind is the vast stretching sands, crystal clear waters, and the sun-kissed mountains. No matter, swimming is your hobby or you simply want to find leisure in the sands, the phenomenal beaches in Karachi would surely quench your thirst. By bringing you close to nature, the Paradise Point, Hawks Bay, French Beach, Clifton Beach, Sandspit Beach of the destination will offer you a whole new experience. In a nutshell, the fun-filled beaches in Karachi let you enjoy and find immense solitude.

Lip smacking cuisine of Karachi

A potpourri of diverse flavors; Karachi satiates every gastronomic desire. The food in Karachi needs no introduction. The flavorsome cuisines here would delight your taste buds at an alarming pace. Whether you desire to enjoy that crispy papaar or spicy biryani, the sizzling dishes never fails to tempt your senses. The mouth-watering delicacies served at several food-joints truly have no match. Want to relish your taste-buds sitting amidst the luxury of fine restaurants? If yes, then Karachi has an innumerable list. Designed with fine interiors, Bundoo Khan lets you taste sumptuous chikentikka, boti kebabs, bihari kebab, marinated meats, and grilled skewers. If French cuisines is what that makes you fall for, Café Flo is the hidden gem of the land. Presenting a mélange of Pakistani and Indian, the mind-blowing food at Lal Quila Restaurant Karachi would stick to your ribs. Want to enjoy the seafood of the land? If yes, then head towards Kolachi to enjoy fine grilled fish and other authentic food amidst the spectacular ambiance of the restaurant.

How to get around in Karachi

Moving around Karachi is super easy as there are myriad transport options. It’s a large city that features a good network of buses and most of them are privately owned. It’s an affordable transport system and lets you move around with ease. For short distance travel, the three wheeler rickshaw is widely popular. These reliable transport options can carry maximum three passengers. If you demand convenience, then the air-conditioned taxis are the safest way to commute.

Where to shop in Karachi

For shopaholics, Karachi is a paradise. Whether you are technology-freak or a hard-core fashion lover, the high-end shopping mall and colorful street markets here make your shopping truly remarkable. If you love brands, then go shopping in malls. Park Towers Mall, The Forum Mall, Dolmen Mall, and Millenium Mall let you shop everything at one place. If you love cost-effective shopping, then the street shops can quench your thirst. Selling high quality apparels, jewelry, and other accessories, the innumerable shops in Tariq Road will make you spoilt for choices. If you take interest in purchasing second hand stuff, go to Lighthouse to discover the options. Attracting several people, Zainab Market deals in wholesale goods like silver jewelry, leather goods and more.

So, what is making you wait for so long? Book discounted flights to Karachi and embark on a journey overfilled with spellbinding memories.

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