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Group Travel

Whether you're flying with a group adrenaline junkies, old school friends, or destination tour hippies, Mann Travel Leisure Groups program can help your group of 10 or more to travel their dream destination at an affordable and cheap airfare.

If you are planning to travel with a larger group of people, it is worthwhile planning with us. We will go an extra mile to provide you the best possible fares and the truly exceptional services. We always ensure that your group of travelers experiences a hassle free journey to any destination worldwide.

Based on the individual requirements, our expert team panel does a deep analysis to choose from the full range of aircraft available in the market and provide you with the best suited tour package according to your requirements.

Benefit of booking a Group Travel with Mann Travel:

  • Dedicated team of Travel Experts to look after your journey
  • You are handed with cheapest tickets available
  • We always try to seat your group members together
  • User-friendly interface for your booking
  • Quick response time
  • Track your booking status anytime & anywhere

"Group Travel is all about deepening relationships & enriching lives."

So, are you ready to Fly with your favorite chunk of people and spend a vacation with them? Make Mann travel as your choice, and we promise to make your journey into a memorable one. To book your journey or a free consultation from one of our group travel experts send us an e-mail at support@manntravel.co.nz

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